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Four Lessons about Transitional Dressing

August 24, 2016

You’ve probably noticed the days are getting just a little shorter. And while a new season can be a refreshing change, you may not be ready for fall’s chilly arrival.

If you’re like us, one of the millions of reasons you love summer is because of your obsession with slipping into your favorite warm-weather pieces. Turns out, you don’t need to put away your summer staples just yet. They can be a lot more versatile than you think, and with some creative layering, your summer wardrobe can master that tricky transitional middle ground of still hot, with a hint of chill.

At Style Encore, you can find gently-used clothes and accessories for up to 70% less than the original retail prices. You can also sell your once-loved items for cash on the spot. With that in mind, here are four lessons we’ve learned and can’t wait to share with you. Not only will they help you to embrace fall, but they may inspire you to give your wardrobe the once over to decide what you should keep and what you can sell for cash.

#1 Fall Colors

Fall colors are for more than just leaves. Fall 2016 trends focus on blues anchored by earthy tones and vibrant pops of color. The reason we bring this up is because that bright flowy tank you bought back in May would be perfect now with skinny jeans and taupe suede booties.

As for blue, the range of hues is endless, meaning there’s a flattering shade for everyone. We love cool, calming blues as an alternative to black when you’re just not ready to go that dark.

Earth tones are pairable with just about anything and can be timeless, trusted staples you rely on season after season. Feel like they’re just a little too bland? Statement jewelry can be a brilliant solution.

#2 Lightweight Scarves

Never underestimate the fashion ability of scarves. With a creative vision and an open mind, you can make them the mainstay of your summer-to-fall wardrobe transition. Airy scarves in fall tones can complement some of your summer essentials beautifully, so don’t put away those tanks and halters yet. The added bonus is scarves instantly make you feel cozier as temperatures start to cool down.

#3 Cropped or Ankle Jeans

Jeans. What would you do without them? If you’re like us, you have a pair for almost every occasion. For fall, you may develop a special fondness for cropped or ankle jeans that still let you show off the slightest hint of skin. Paired with a comfy sweater or an off-the-shoulder top, you’re ready for any signs off fall that come your way.

#4 Layers

Ah layering, it’s a fashion art form. And better yet, the chance to wear your favorite pieces longer and more often. An ideal anchor hue is something neutral. Then reach for whatever color combination you feel like that day to finish the look. Some suggestions include a tank and fall sweater with denim cut-offs, a blazer over a V-neck tee with cropped jeans, or a work-appropriate dress with a cardigan.

We hope these four easy lessons have inspired you to welcome the transition to fall. Secondhand shopping is the affordable, fun way to perfect your wardrobe for the season ahead. Stop in to Style Encore where we’re ready to help you with your fashion needs.