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Create a Covetable Closet

December 05, 2016

Your closet may not seem like one of the most important spaces in the house, but we think it deserves the same attention as any other room. Whether you have a walk-in or a reach-in, you probably visit your closet a few times every day. That’s why getting it organized ranks right up there with a new haircut, a clean kitchen or a fresh manicure. It simply makes you feel better. To get started (and finished) decluttering your closet, we’ve outlined a few easy tips.
Clear out your closet
Start by taking everything out of your closet. Once everything is removed, you may be surprised by how much usable space is there. Give it a thorough cleaning to eliminate dust and lint that has accumulated in the area. Once you have a clean closet, you can start organizing. 
Create three categories
Cleaning out your closet can be a sentimental experience. You may find it a challenge to part with clothes of a particular size or items that conjure up happy memories. On the other hand, decluttering offers a sense of wellbeing that may outweigh the benefits of holding on to those pieces you no longer use. With that in mind, move forward with creating three categories: clothes you want to keep, sell, or toss. 
The keepers are the items you know you will wear, are in good condition, and serve your lifestyle well. These are your most-reached for pieces, or the ones you wear for particular occasions. You probably won’t think twice about keeping them because you like them so much.  
The items you can sell are the gently used clothes and accessories that no longer work in your wardrobe. You may not like the colors, they no longer fit, or they simply aren’t your taste. Selling these items to Style Encore for cash can provide you with the funds to buy more wearable clothes for your lifestyle. 
The remaining pieces can be tossed or donated, depending on their condition. Before packing them up, consider keeping a few items tucked away if you do house or garden work. These wear-and-toss items may come in handy when you know you’re going to get dirty. For those items being donated, be sure to grab a receipt for tax time. 
Take a close look at the pieces you are keeping and determine how they will fit into your closet. Now is the time to make a plan and shop for items that will help you get, and stay organized. Invest in clear shoe boxes, stackable bins for accessories, baskets for odds and ends, and hooks for belts and handbags. A variety of hangers are equally important. And, if you are making use of high shelves, a stool will assist in accessing hard-to-reach areas. 
Now that you have a plan and purchased the right organizational items, you are ready to fill your closet with your favorite clothes and accessories. Organize by color, or by category (casual, work, going out) so pulling together your outfits is quick and easy. Sweaters and tees can be folded and stacked, while blouses should be hung on padded hangers. Wood or plastic hangers work best for jackets, and pant and skirt hangers are a must. Finish your project by arranging shoes and accessories in boxes, bins and baskets.  
Are you feeling inspired yet? We hope these tips will motivate you to get your closet under control and really enjoy what you own. You may be surprised what you find. And if you discard a lot of pieces, finding you need to replenish your wardrobe, stop in to Style Encore to shop our amazing selection of gently used clothes and accessories, at up to 90% off the original retail prices!