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The New Classics

July 28, 2016

By Sally McGraw, alreadypretty.com

So you've already got a super-sassy LBD, a perfectly fitting blazer, and a timeless handbag. You've even found a button-front shirt that works for your frame and tracked down a warm but chic winter coat. Well done! Your collection of classics is already elegant and enviable. 

At some point, though, you may begin to feel a little stifled. Even if you're someone who worships at the altar of timeless style - Kate Hepburn over Kate Hudson any day - you may find yourself wishing you had more variety in your closet. Luckily, there are a handful of new-ish pieces that have achieved classic status AND most of them are common enough that you can snap them up at your local Style Encore! Let's look at a few and talk about how to style them:


Every style expert in the world touts the figure-flattering properties of the bootcut, and skinnies have stuck around for more than a decade despite their divisiveness, so most women have those bases well covered. Straight leg jeans are having a moment right now, but here's the thing: They never really went out of style. A jean that falls straight down from the widest part of your hip has always been a great alternative for anyone shy of skinnies and a slim, trim backup when bootcuts fail. Teamed with a nipped-waist blazer, slinky sweater, or floaty blouse they can't be beat. Buy them in black or a dark wash, and you'll wear them forever.


Denim jackets are pretty darned close to being classic, but they do float in and out of favor. If you're looking for a lightweight, casual layer, try a utility jacket or vest instead. The Brits have been wearing this piece for ages in the form of waxed cotton Barbour and Belstaff jackets, and they've become a new classic here in the states. Look for something with cargo pockets and a defined waist, ideally in a versatile neutral like olive, tan, or black. Once it's in your closet, you'll realize it goes with EVERYTHING.


I'm sure you've got a scarf or two hanging around, but do you have one that can unite three seemingly unrelated colors within a single outfit? Multicolored scarves are the ultimate bridging piece, creating an instant palette and unifying colors that might otherwise look bonkers worn together. They are also a fantastic way to add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. You don't have to find a rainbow-stripe print, but look for something rich and varied that will work with the colors you've already got in your closet.


This style of footwear was canonized years ago, but if you're lagging behind, get on board now! A great alternative to oxfords or loafers under dress pants, perfect with ankle-length or cuffed jeans, and dynamite with dresses, this is a footwear style with staying power. The most versatile shape will have a chunky, walkable heel and hit right at the ankle bone.


Minis and maxis suit specific styles and knee-length skirts are the eternal standard for work, but the midi has become a magical blend of modest and edgy. Length is your choice so long as it's below the knee, which means you have some wiggle room in terms of how the skirt affects your leg line. Style is also up for grabs, so feel free to go for a sleek, sexy pencil midi or a graceful A-line. Since this piece can end up looking a bit dowdy, be sure to wear yours with contemporary tops, jackets, and jewelry - try a cropped blazer, chunky sweater, or funky bib necklace to keep the look fresh.

You're classic, but you want to look current. Add these timeless items to your wardrobe, and you'll be instantly updated.