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Destination: Vacation

March 13, 2017

You’ve been working hard, and now you’re counting the days until take off. Soon you’ll leave your worries behind to enjoy the good life in an awesome destination. Yes, your warm-weather vacay is coming, and it just can’t get here fast enough.
Planning all your fun activities is probably your top priority now, while wondering what you’re going to pack is a distant second. And while your vacay wardrobe may not make or break the trip, having the right clothes on hand can certainly make your escape even more unforgettable.
Smart packing takes careful planning and resisting the urge to bring along too much. But don’t you hate getting there and wishing you had that favorite hat you didn’t want to deal with carrying on? Here are a few ideas from Style Encore to make sure you get away in style.
After you have considered both the forecast and the potential activities, pull out your summer clothes and start mixing and matching. Look for versatile items that can perform double duty. Do you have a maxi dress that you can pair with sneakers, flip flops and strappy heels? How about converting a swimsuit cover-up into a dress with jewelry and high-heel sandals? Do you have a go-with- everything tank that can stand alone with shorts and layer beautifully under a wrap?
Once you’ve been creative with your wardrobe combinations, decide where you need to fill gaps. Can you make it through the trip with just one or two handbags, or do you need to find a more versatile accessory to go from plane to beach to dinner? A small bag for essentials tucked inside a larger bag may be the answer, but are they the right sizes and styles for this particular destination? So many questions. So little room to take it all. 
At Style Encore, we’re filling our stores with gently used clothes and accessories to help complete your vacation wardrobe. At up to 90% off the original retail prices, these affordable warm-weather options can help you stay on budget. And that means more spending money for your incredible vacation! 
As you sort through your summer wardrobe, you may also find that you have gently-used clothes and accessories you no longer need. Wrong color? Wrong size? Bring them to Style Encore and you may be able to sell them for cash on the spot. Again, that translates into more spending money for you!
Before you know it, you’ll be basking in the sun, kicking back with a book and sipping on something smooth and fruity. Thanks to careful planning, you’ll look amazing doing it!