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Utilitarian Trend: Where to Start

April 11, 2018

When a new trend comes along that I’m apprehensive about, I give myself three chances to work it into my wardrobe. There are small and big ways to incorporate trends into an outfit you’re already comfortable with, and if you start small, you might find yourself looking to go bigger later in the season.

Picture Of a Zippered Bag        


Utilitarian largely means functional, and for me, that means having a place for everything. When you throw everything in a huge tote, it’s hard to find your wallet or your lip balm when you need it. If you have a designated wallet pocket, cosmetics pocket, change pocket, etc. it’ll take you a lot less time to find whatever you’re looking for. Silver hardware, rather than gold, adds to the no-nonsense look.

Utilitarian also means the look can be a little edgy. It’s a more masculine trend, and one great way to wear it is by wearing a jacket with sew-on or iron-on patches. If you can’t find the perfect patched-up ready-to-wear piece, go with a gently-used, traditional cargo jacket from a secondhand store. It will evoke the same masculine energy and can be paired with anything from distressed denim to a springy dress.

As always, one trend can be interpreted many ways. Personally, I think boots with a buckle and zipper are much more efficient than lace-up boots. You can make this trend your own by picking out boots in a fresh white, soft cognac, or fun color rather than just black. The number one thing to remember with trends is to think outside the box.

Feeling your look? You can wear all these pieces together with a white t-shirt and your favorite jeans for an ultra modern and on-trend look. Trends are usually just a small step outside your normal everyday look, so let yourself be creative. A cadet cap with a buckle detail, a canvas tote with cargo pockets, an army jacket or zippered blazer. There are tons of great pieces in Style Encore stores now to help make the utilitarian trend work for you.

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford