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Spring Accessories: Keep It Colorful

May 21, 2018

Color is everywhere this season, but with spring weather on the horizon that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Whether your garden flowers are beginning to bloom or the brightest thing you’re seeing is the sun reflecting off a few inches of fresh snow, brightening up the clothes in your closet is the perfect way to welcome warmer weather. Below, I’ve got three ideas to bring color into your wardrobe in unexpected ways!

One unique place for a color pop is probably the last thing on your mind: lenses! There are a ton of unique sunglasses making the rounds on the fashion circuit right now, featuring lenses in summery shades of translucent yellow, oceanic blue, millennial pink and even sassy reds. Depending on the shape of the frame, you can take the look from very 1990s (metal and oval or circular frames are perfect for this) to very 1960s (cat-eye frames) or even 1980s athletic (plastic aviators). Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to secondhand shop for, as they are almost always like-new!

Feel like sticking to your standard dark shades? Another place to pop color is through handbags. I love the look of mini cross body bags or belt bags in unexpected shades of bright red, pastel lilac, or lemon yellow—best worn when paired with a contrasting top. My idea of an iconic spring look: a white and yellow striped top with a lilac or pink leather belt bag. This trend can also cross over for a more athletic-inspired streetwear look with a belt bag in nylon or canvas.

Finally, the accessory of the moment that I keep reaching for? Silk scarves. It’s incredibly easy to find beautiful secondhand silk scarves—often, they are vintage and even designer! You can wear them as a headband to keep your hair out of your face on a busy day, around your neck instead of a basic gold or silver necklace, tie it around your bag for that perfect “Roman Holiday” 1950s flair, or wrap it around your wrist for a delicate cuff bracelet…the options are endless!

And these ideas are just the beginning. Once you start shopping, the color gears in your mind will get going, so let yourself get creative. You never know what you might find in Style Encore stores to inspire your new look.

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford