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Must-Have Shoes: Summer 2018

June 18, 2018

Some people are handbag people. Others are shoe people. Me? I’ve never been able to choose, but with all of the new and exciting shoe trends popping up for this summer, you’ll no doubt see me at my local Style Encore store seeking out a few new pairs for myself, and I’m sharing what’s on my shopping list right here.

With each passing year, espadrilles are becoming less of a seasonal trend and more of a summer staple. You’ll see them worn well outside of the beach, from the mall to a lunch date or even a wedding. Whether you’re into a loafer style, lace-up flats, platforms or even heels, they come in a massive variety of colors, fabrics, and silhouettes. Find a pair with a brightly colored canvas upper to make your look pop, or a skin-tone suede to lengthen your legs.

“Dad” sneakers have been quickly making their way around the fashion scene, and most people either love them or hate them. However, they’re one of those trends that you can make work in your favor if you’re game to try. There are a ton of different styles that, technically, I could see my dad wearing—some are my style, others miss the mark. A secondhand shop is the perfect place to find trends like this because literally anything goes! If you find a pair of white trainers or neon-accented running shoes, try to expand your outfit ideas beyond athleisure. Pair your sneakers with overalls and an off-the-shoulder top, or even a cute summer dress.

While some might think PVC shoes—think clear and plasticky—are a look to be reserved for the rich and famous (or maybe the swimming pool), they are everywhere right now. Designers are creating clear vinyl stilettos covered in pearls or crystals, as well as flat, simply strapped sandals ideal for taking the kids to the park or cruising the weekend farmers markets. You can also find some accented by neon pink or electric red, which give off a louder and more youthful vibe. Just don’t forget your summer pedicure before putting your feet on display!

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford