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New Year Closet Clean-Out

January 15, 2019

Although you can go through your closet any old time—and probably should each season—the start of a new year is the perfect time to finally take care of what you might have been putting off for the last couple of months. At the first of the year, I cleared twenty hangers in my own closet, and all it took was one weekend morning.

Most of the pieces that make their way out of my closet are items that I bought with the intention of wearing all the time, but they never made their way into my heart like the old favorites I still reach for over and over. Because of this, they’re so gently used that I’m happy to sell them, and Style Encore is the perfect place to do so. What might not have found a forever home in my closet might be an item someone else will want to wear every day.

It can be challenging to say goodbye to pieces (some you really truly love, even if you don’t wear them!), but if you acknowledge that they brought you joy at one point although they may not anymore, it makes it a bit easier. Don’t look at it as though you’re getting rid of them—look at it as though you’re sending them to a new home.

However, gently used pieces usually aren’t the only things that have to go. Sometimes, the pieces you’ve worn day in and day out over the years have been so well-loved that it’s time to recycle them and seek out replacements. In that case, Style Encore is the perfect secondhand store to spend time finding what you need after donating what you don’t.

Take some time to analyze what you’re getting rid of and if you want something specific to fill that piece’s void, or if you want to tweak its interpretation within your wardrobe. Maybe you’re getting rid of a brightly colored, bold clutch and you liked the idea, but want to go in a different color direction to replace it. Never wear that old leather jacket? Find a dark denim one that you might wear more often. It’s always exciting to add to your wardrobe, but it can be just as exciting to purge it and create both physical and mental space for the new year.

Blog By: Chelsee Lankford | @truelane